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 From Singapore:

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Trainer's Observation

I observed that many of us who are struggling a little with managing daily challenges, learning or work would have effectively eliminated 70% or more of our problems if we could just stay focused and be mindful of how we are going to engage that task.
It is quite fruitless to try to pay attention and stay focused when we are NOT in control of self, the task  NOR the situation we  are in.

For these reasons, what we needed most could be just  LIFESKILLS to help us regain control of the situation and the process.



Singapore's Success Stories :

(coached by the trainer)

1) The overwhelmed teen

She was simply overwhelmed. So much to learn in so little time. Did not know where to start from. She was trying to  take on more than she could handle.

Benefits of training :  Helped  her  understand her situation  so that she will be able to focus on each task with focus and clarity. She is  better able to better  manage competing forces for her attention. She made a remarkable comeback to the amazement of her teachers.


2) The storekeeper who was sacked for poor performance

From being a under-performer in his previous job to becoming a highly competent store supervisor with another company. He earned  a pay rise and  in the process, earned himself a forklift licence, something which he has tried without success in the past.

Benefits Of Training: Improved mental awareness skills on things happening around him and skills in engaging constantly changing information like stocks on the move. Improved anticipation skills helped him passed his forklift test.


3) The elderly cashier  who was uneasy with computers &  change

He was overwhelmed.  He lost all motivation when he could not follow the series of  instructions and procedures required in the office 's newly implemented computerized system.

He  was on the verge of  losing his job when his instructor walked out on him.

Benefits of training:   Learn to engage and stay with  the flow of information. He passed his course and kept his job.

 Attention And Focus Is NOT Just Trying To Concentrate Harder. 

To Be Truly Effective, One Has To Have Personal Control  Over Daily Situations, Competing Demands  And Work 

It  Is About Knowing How To ' Listen', Organize And Engage


Chan Pak Chuen

Creator Of CPC Practical Attention & Focusing Skills

-The Practical Life Skills Inspired Approach-

 Attention and focusing skills, the ability to sustain our energy & focus on an activity or a set of activities, for example, in learning or getting work done, are unfortunately NOT spontaneous in many of us.

This could prove frustrating in today's highly demanding world where conflicting calls for your attention is very much the order of the day.

The solution is in knowing how to manage  situations, distractions and the ability to give undivided attention when on a task.

This knowledge will greatly improve the way we listen, learn and work. We became more focused and effective.

This Life Skills Inspired Coaching  On Improving  Attention And   
Focus For Learning & Work  Is Suitable For All Ages 



 Practical Short Course  

 Attention & Focusing Skills For Learning & Work

(The LifeSkills Perspective)

1) How to create personal space to enable undivided attention when on a task ? 

2) How to engage & stay with the flow of information  ?

3) How To' Listen', Observe And Engage --  for quality input at all times ? 

4) Things You Ought To Know About Task Management & Logical Work Order

5) How To Establish Your Personal 'Rules Of Engagement'?

6) Self-organisation skills - for unleashing the focus you never knew you had

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 Personal Coaching , Small Private Classes, Adhoc Projects With Training Centres 

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