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I observed that many of us who are struggling a little with focusing issues  in managing daily challenges, learning or work would have effectively eliminated many of our problems if we could just stay focused. It is NOT easy as many of us are ill-equipped to manage conflicting calls for our attention.
It is fruitless to try to pay attention and stay focused when we are NOT in control of Self, the Task  NOR the Situation we  are in. ----- For this reason, professional guidance helps

An Example Of  A Highly Motivated  But Struggling Child :

 The overwhelmed teen

She was simply overwhelmed. She wanted to excel in everything.  There is so much to learn and time is not on her side. She did not know where to start from. She was trying to  take on more than she could handle.

Benefits of Receiving Professional Guidance: By guiding her back to a balanced mental state, she is able to focus on each task with focus and clarity. She is able to better  manage competing forces for her attention and is calm under stressful situations. She made a remarkable comeback to the amazement of her teachers.

 Attention And Focusing Skills For Learning : 

What Parents Could Do 'Beyond  The Books'  To Enhance Their Children's Attention And  Focus In Learning 

Attention and Focus: The ability to sustain our energy & focus on an activity or a set of activities, for example, in learning or getting work done, are unfortunately NOT spontaneous in many of us.

This could prove frustrating in today's highly demanding world where constant and conflicting calls for our attention are making it difficult for us to stay focused on a task . For some, it is so overwhelming that they simply lost all motivation to try  to catch up.

The solution is in knowing how to manage  situations, distractions and the ability to give undivided attention when on a task.  This solution  has to come from within yourself. 

This TALK imparts  knowledge to help you  better understand the implications of your actions in the learning process  and  enhances your attention and focus in learning. 


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