Attention And Focusing Skills Training: How To ' Listen', Organize & Engage

About The Trainer:
Chan Pak Chuen has a special interest in the area of attention and focusing skills as he has seen how these elements could propel or impede one's personal progress in life. 

Over the years, he has been seeking answers to improving attention and focus with emphasis on improving personal focus, learning and work. He realised that being in control in the key and having a self-centric holistic approach is the solution.

He has since helped many (both adults and children) overcome their problems attributed to weak attention and focus.

Amazed at how some of them have since progressed, he has developed a practical course and ONLINE helpline,  devoted to just tackling attention and focusing  issues.

Reputable organisations in Singapore  that have hosted his talks and courses include the Peoples' Association, Singapore Polytechnic Continuing Education, and MDIS.  He is active in writing and some of his articles have  been published in newspapers and magazines. He has also participated in projects like giving talks to ex-offenders.

Chan Pak Chuen is an established entrepreneur ,  author and life-skills trainer.

 This Link To Chan Pak Chuen's article published by the Straits Times Newspapers:

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